Staking Reward

We are pleased to announce that the Aive project will provide two staking portals for our community. This is an excellent opportunity for our members to leverage financial potential and contribute to the development of the project.

Staking Portal 1: 25% Annual Yield (No token deposit limit) We are delighted to announce that we will offer a staking portal with an attractive yield of up to 25% per year. The special feature is that there is no limit on the number of tokens you can stake. This ensures that all members have the opportunity to participate and benefit from staking their AIV tokens.

Staking Portal 2: 60% Annual Yield (Minimum deposit of 1,000 AIV) In addition, we will provide another staking portal with an extremely attractive yield of up to 60% per year. To participate in this staking portal, a minimum deposit of 1,000 AIV is required. This is designed to encourage our members to make long-term commitments and enhance the stability of the Aive ecosystem.

Participating in these staking portals not only allows you to enjoy significant annual yields but also benefits the entire community. By staking AIV, you contribute to maintaining the network and safeguarding the security of the project. Additionally, we will continuously update and provide detailed reports on the profitability and operations of staking, allowing you to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your investments.

We hope that Aive staking portals will create attractive financial opportunities for everyone.

Basic Rules

  • A withdrawal fee of 1% will be charged
  • Minimum staking amount: 1,000 tokens AIV.
  • No limits on withdrawals.
  • Daily Reward = Staked Token AIV Amount x Daily Interest Rate
  • Staked tokens AIV can be unlocked at any time.
  • Once the staking reward has been claimed, the staking period ends.